About Us


The Southwest and Behind the Rocks Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Association began in 2013, launched at a community meeting held at Moylan School, attended by fifty leaders from the two neighborhoods. The mission of the Association is to improve and preserve the Southwest and Behind the Rocks (SW & BTR) communities.


The objective of the Association is to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods by addressing issues such as education, housing, economic development, safety, beautification and other related matters. Improvements shall be made through the cooperative efforts of residents and other stakeholders, including religious and educational institutions, businesses, cultural groups, property owners, and non-profit organizations.


Meeting Time & Location:

6:00 p.m.

Broadview Community Church, 45 Oliver Street

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month


The Southwest & Behind the Rocks – Geographically:

The Southwest & Behind the Rocks neighborhood is defined as that area bounded on the north by the center of Hamilton Street, on the west by Interstate 84, the railroad right of way, and the boundary of Hartford and West Hartford, on the south by the border of Hartford and Newington, and on the east by the western periphery of Goodwin Park, the rear property lines on the east side of Fairfield Avenue, and the center of Summit Street to the intersection with Hamilton Street.