Parks Committee

The Parks Committee works to ensure that the parks in Southwest and Behind the Rocks are clean and safe for the enjoyment of residents.


The Parks Committee meets at 5pm at Broadview Community Church before the regular monthly community meetings on the second Tuesday of every month.


Committee Members: Joyce Bosco (chair), Charmaine Craig, Cappy McDowell, Riberia Jones, Melvin Jones, Gene Mayfield, Kathy Evans, Luz Abruelita.

Park Stewards:

Antonio Ortiz, Foster Heights Park

Cappy McDowell, Rocky Ridge Park

Deb St. Germain, South Park River

Rachel Cunningham, Foster Heights

Colin Billings, Hyland Park

Lois Steward, Rocky Ridge


Interested in becoming a park steward in the Southwest & Behind the Rocks neighborhood? Please review the duties and contact information HERE.